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Applewoods Dog Training Calendar: $15

  • Applewoods Dog Training 2018 Calendars are now available!
  • Calendars can be purchased through the Lulu website by clicking the icon below. Use coupon code LULU20 to save 20% (expires 12/25/2017).

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Back to Work: DVD – $30

  • “Back to Work” establishes of the three things critical to learning.
    • Quiet time
    • Attitude
    • Attention
  • Our training begins with a specifically mandated form of quiet time for both dog and owner to aid in reaching the calm center of being that is so very necessary for good learning and memory retention.
  • You have an opportunity to watch how specific footwork, hand and general body position (human) supports clear communication with your dog.
  • Goal:
    • A dog you can take for a walk without having your arm pulled off.
    • A dog you can count on to be in heel position without the need for brute force or bribery.
    • A dog that pays attention to her human partner.
  • Stationary Exercises
    • The sit/stay is used as an anchoring position.
    • The stand and down positions will be built from the sit.

Mud Heaven – $15

  • Mud Heaven is a collection of short stories. There are stories to make you laugh, to make you cry, to entertain you and to inform you. If you enjoy having a dog around, you are bound to enjoy this collection. If you aren’t accustomed to having a dog around, then some of these stories may even mystify you. This book has reading flexibility. The stories are presented to you in the order the author chose; however, they may be read in any order you choose. Go ahead. Pick up the book, open it to any story and start reading. You will be hooked and find yourself needing to read one more and then, one more. All too soon the last story will have been read, leaving you looking for more. Just like good potato chips, you won’t be satisfied with one.
  • Paperback

mud heaven copy

Retrieve Book – $15

  • Designed to be easy to use, this spiral bound book lays out an entire 16 week training program. From the very first page, this is a workbook intended for those who want a reliable retrieve that will be both useful and enjoyable for both the dog and the owner. Day by day you read and view pictures aimed toward clear understand, how to introduce, teach and then train the many components representing the retrieve.
  • The pictures, each being worth a thousand words coupled with suggested tests on each step of the training make success not just a dream, but a reality.
  • Best results are obtained when you trained your dog with the Bedrock (Applewoods) Training Method taught in the Back to Work DVD.