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Puppy Head Start Testimonials

Missy and Jack

My husband had our 6 month old Labrador on a tie out as he was working with paint and didn’t want the dog helping. Our three year old daughter was happily meandering between watching him work and playing with Jack the dog. From the kitchen window, I saw our daughter suddenly on the ground. She started to get up and was knocked down again as the dog trotted away. In horror, I realized that she or the dog had wrapped his tie out cord around her neck. I flew to our back door but instantly realized that Jack would run to me when I opened the door and could very seriously hurt our daughter. As I went through the door, I shouted “Sit!” And he immediately sank into a sit leaving the cord slack. I undid the loop around my daughter’s neck and sobbed in thankfulness that she was unhurt. It took seconds for her to be happily playing to being choked. We are thankful for a dog who obeys commands immediately, every time. Thank you, Elice, for emphasizing that we only issue commands when we are going to make it happen so our dog learned that a command requires obedience, every time.



Stacey and Stella

Thank goodness for Applewoods!
When I decided I wanted to get a puppy, I started researching the differences between breeds to find which would be best for me and my lifestyle. I was looking for a very smart, very active dog, and I found that in my lab mix, Stella. Being a lab/border collie/German shepherd mix, I knew Stella was not going to be a small dog (which I didn’t want anyway). However, I knew I had to have her well trained, as I am not big enough myself to control a large dog with force. I was looking for a training program that would teach us to become partners and create a perfect bond between Stella and me where we know we can trust each other.

Enter: Applewoods Dog Training. I found Applewoods online through a search of dog training in the area and sent an email through their website. I received a response right away, suggesting I enroll in the Puppy Head Start program with Elice because Stella was still so young (only 10 weeks at this point). This class was awesome! Every week, Stella had the chance to interact with well-behaved puppies (and Elice’s well-trained older dogs), and we were able to learn the basics of training here at Applewoods. We learned how to use our equipment properly, which was great because I had never heard of a lunge line before. We learned different commands like “place” that made going to the vet so much easier. Some weeks, we were the only one in class, so it basically turned into a private lesson focused on things we needed help with, like pulling on the leash or jumping up on house guests.

Now that we have “aged out” of the puppy class, we have started the Elementary Group Class. I already feel like we are so far ahead because of the basics we learned from Elice in the Puppy Head Start! Our homework for week one is working on things we have been working on for a few weeks now!

Applewoods really knows how to set you up for success with your dog! I can’t wait to see how far Stella and I can go!


— Stacey

Gardenia and Nina

Applewoods is Amazing!
My husband and I were looking for a puppy and we did a lot of initial research on our own. I then spoke with Roxanne at Applewoods Dog Training for a professional opinion. She gave me great information about how to choose a breed of dog that was right for our family, statistics about the different temperaments of dogs, their health concerns and how to search for the right type of breeder. She advised us on what questions to ask and the answers to look for. There were so many things that we didn’t even think about until we had this consultation! Unfortunately, there are so many fake “dog breeders” and puppy mills out there; we wanted to make sure that we found a legitimate breeder who was in the business for the right reasons.

Roxanne’s vast knowledge of dogs, their health and the importance of training and socialization has been amazing and very educational for us! We felt that after finding a breeder and asking the right questions, we were confident that we found and selected a healthy little Boxer puppy named Nina to join our family!

When we initially brought Nina to Applewoods, the owner, Margot sat with us and provided her expert knowledge about how to raise her and what to feed her. At the time, Nina wasn’t eating very well and Margot suggested that we switch to feeding her raw food. She even gave us some samples to try out with her. She actually loved the raw food. Margot also provided advice on house breaking methods.

Our little Nina has been an amazing puppy to have and has learned so much over the last 4 months due to the training techniques and knowledge of the staff at Applewoods. She started in the Puppy Head Start classes and has graduated from Elementary School and Middle School Classes. She also goes to the Doggie Daycare a few days a week. Training our puppy is a lot of hard work and dedication, but the effort we put in and knowledge gained has been very beneficial to us having a well mannered and obedient family dog. We get compliments about Nina all the time and that re-confirms our decision to work with Applewoods Dog Training! The entire staff is very educated and informative about dogs and the financial investment is definitely worth it!

Gardenia and Nina

— Gardenia

Kelly, Ed, and Hank

My wife did tons of research on places to train Hank, our 2 week old/30 lb. American Mastiff puppy before finding Applewoods. I distinctly remember her telling me ‘these guys are supposed to be the best and they even feature a Mastiff on their website’. I admit I was a little reluctant at first, because I assumed that we’d be taught ‘treat training’, which I wanted to avoid and originally had planned to train Hank on my own. My wife inevitably convinced me to bring Hank to the Puppy Head start class so that we could teach him some basic commands for use down the road.

When we first arrived at Applewoods, I noticed that treat training was nowhere to be found and the dogs who already went through Applewoods training were well-behaved. Moreover, I was happy to hear that Hank would be ‘hanging around’ these dogs so they could teach him proper socialization. Flash forward 6 months and Hank has gone through the middle school class and has become a ‘Canine Good Citizen’. At 9 months, Hank is now at 130 lbs. and we continue to train at Applewoods. With such a large dog, the Puppy Head Start class proved instrumental in laying the foundation for where Hank is now. People consistently compliment us on Hank’s behavior, which no doubt is directly related to enrolling Hank early on at Applewoods.

Gardenia and Nina

— Kelly and Ed

Cassie, Chris, and Kuma

The Puppy Head Start program has greatly benefited both my puppy, Kuma, and me as her owner and trainer. I started training my other dog when he was about 6 months old, but being able to start training Kuma as soon as we got her has sped up the process of having her understand what I am asking her to do. The Puppy Head Start program helps me build a solid foundation for when I start to take her through elementary class. It gives us a jump start to knowing how to use the training equipment properly, especially on a puppy, whereas everyone who doesn’t participate in the puppy program is starting from square 1. It gives Kuma the chance to socialize in a controlled environment where I know she is safe at all times. I am happy I had the opportunity to start Kuma in the Puppy Head Start program.

Gardenia and Nina

— Chris and Cassie

Lori, Joe, and Raya

In April of 2013, we came to Applewoods Puppy Head Start with our 10 week old chocolate lab, Raya. Early in the class, she earned the nicknames of “Spitfire” and “Pistol” as she had already mastered throwing fits when she did not get her way. Through the help of the instructors, we survived dealing with our Alpha puppy until formal obedience training could begin. Raya is now a happy dog who thrives on training at Applewoods where her mind and body are exercised. It is a joy to have Raya as a part of our family due to the training received at Applewoods, starting with Puppy Head Start.

Lori, Joe, and Raya

— Lori and Joe