Puppy Head Start Program


The Puppy Head Start Program is intended to start your pup on the right track to become well mannered, obedient, and enjoyable companions. The one-time fee covers ALL classes and includes a free collar and longe line.


The program is only for puppies between 10 weeks and 5 months of age. Dogs older than 5 months are welcome to join one of our group classes or private lessons.

Program Includes:

  • One hour consultation with an Applewoods Instructor ($50 value)
  • The Learning String
  • Puppy sized training and games to play with your dog
  • Get your puppy in the habit of obeying the following commands: coming when called, sit, down, stand, place and how to pay attention to you out on a walk as well as learning to settle by your side anywhere
  • Socialization as a Form of Training List
  • Saturdays at noon – Socialization at Applewoods to help teach your puppy manners and appropriate ways to interact with other dogs
  • You and your pup will attend until the dog graduates from puppy class, usually around 5 months old, which depends on progress through the class and the size of your dog
  • On-going support from the ADT staff with any puppy questions.

FAQs and Instructions

Click here for the Puppy FAQs


The initial consultation with Elice Shelton, Puppy Social Director, are on Saturdays at 11:00 or weekdays by appointment. Please email  Elice@applewoodsdogtraining.com or call her at 410-266-7805 for more information.