Eric Klatt

When Eric first got Murphy he attempted to train him using books and popular training methods. This resulted in nothing but frustration from both Eric and Murphy. Eric couldn’t figure out how to communicate exactly what we wanted Murphy to do, and Murphy was just as annoyed trying to figure it out. Taking him for a walk was an exercise more for the arms and shoulders than the legs. He pulled and darted at every single distraction so much so that nobody wanted to take him for a walk. He was so shy that he ran from strangers and cowered in fear. It was no fun taking him anywhere or having guests over.

At ADT, Eric learned how to communicate to Murphy what was needed before requiring him to do it in distracted situations. Murphy earned his Canine Good Citizen certificate by passing the AKC CGC test in July 2012, only a few months after starting at Applewoods. The next year they competed and Murphy earned his Companion Dog title also. It is now fun for Eric to take Murphy anywhere, and, because of all the work they have done with retrieving and other obedience work, Murphy’s self confidence is much improved and he has many friends, both human and canine, at ADT.
Eric Started Training Murphy in April 2012, and has been assisting with the elementary and middle school curricula since August 2013.

  • All American/Murphy: CD in 2013, 3 trials, 3 placements
  • All American/Murphy: CDX in 2014, 3 trials, 3 placements
  • Finished second place with Team Applewoods at 2014 All Star Obedience Championships
  • Eric and Murphy have been invited to compete in the AKC Obedience Classic in 2014.