Sarah Guroff

For as long as she could remember, Sarah wanted a dog. She thought about dogs, read about dogs, watched documentaries about dogs, talked to people about their dogs… But there was always some obstacle. Her building didn’t allow pets, she traveled for work, and when would she walk a dog, anyway?

This went on for 10 years.
Then one day, Sarah contacted Applewoods to explore apprenticeships and was invited to observe Margot’s Thursday night Continuing Education class. Sarah had never seen anything like it; a roomful of dog-and-handler teams all working synchronously off-leash. A gentleman in the class tossed his cane saying, “Oh, Jake, I dropped my cane,” to which a beautiful Golden Retriever jogged across the room to collect it and deliver it back to his master. Sarah was hooked and within a month’s time she put her condo on the market and began looking for a dog-friendly home. In December 2011, Sarah and her All American dog, Roxy, began lessons at ADT.
Since joining Applewoods, Sarah and Roxy have earned Roxy’s AKC Canine Good Citizen, Companion Dog and Companion Dog Excellent titles. They are now working towards a Utility title, and have been assisting with the Elementary and Middle School curricula since March 2013.

  • All American/Roxy: CD in 2013, 4 trials, 3 placements
  • All American/Roxy: CDX in 2014, 3 trials, 3 placements