Getting Started

Welcome to the Applewoods Dog Training family. All new students are required to complete the following paperwork and submit on the first day of class.

Note: If you unfamiliar with downloading documents online or don’t have a printer, ask a friend for help or notify your instructor so you can arrive early to complete these documents on site.

Application for Services

If you have not already, please download, print, complete, and sign our Application for Services and bring with you to the first day of class.

Vaccination Records

Please make a copy of your dog’s rabies vaccinations records and turn in on the first day of class. For puppies younger than 4 months old, we only need to see proof of the initial Distemper/Parvo shot and the negative fecal and do not need copies for our records.

If you do not have these documents, please contact your Vet ahead of time to obtain a copy.

Click here for some helpful vaccination information we like to share with students.

Puppy Headstart Students: Spay/Neuter Info

Since canine joints do not close until they are at least 18 months old, it is best to delay neutering until that age. Training EARLY is the key! Here are some articles on the subject to help you make informed decisions for your new precious pup.

Additional Information

Before your lesson or class, please review our FAQs for maps/directions, what to bring, inclement weather policies, and more. For Puppy students, click here for the puppy FAQs.

For any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to Elice Shelton via email at or via phone at 410-26-7805.