Refund Policy / Terms & Conditions


Registrations for group classes, private lessons, and special seminars are non-refundable and non-transferable after 5 days before the 1st day of class or the event.


Class registrations fill up quickly with many students joining a waiting list to attend. Registration fees guarantee your space is reserved, in which case it is made unavailable for other dogs, students, handlers, and teams. We appreciate your understanding that all registration purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.


6-lesson private sessions must be completed within 2.5 months of purchase. 10-lesson private sessions must be completed within 4 months. You may change your reservation up to 48 hours prior to your lesson by confirming with your instructor or ADT’s Training Coordinator. The full session fee will be required for any changes with less than 48 hours notice.


For special cases, credit may be issued and can be redeemed for another class on a later date.  In the case of extreme circumstance such as a death in the family, medical emergency, unexpected relocation, or acts of God, refunds may be considered on a case-by-case basis and will occur within 30 days of approval from Applewoods Dog Training’s training coordinator.


Q: Class starts tomorrow and I just realized that I have a previous obligation. Can I get a refund?
A: Sorry, refunds are not available starting 5 days before the first day of class.

Q: I missed a few classes and am too far behind to catch up on lessons. Can I get a refund?
A: Sorry, but we are unable to issue a refund for this case. However, you may make up sessions by asking an instructor to give private tutor sessions for $30 for 40 minutes, payable in cash to the instructor.

Q: I enrolled in the Group Elementary Class but after a few sessions, feel that private lessons are a better fit for me. Can I drop out of the Group and apply my registration fees to a new one-on-one session?
A:  Yes, you may switch within the first 2 sessions; thereafter, there is no refunds.

Q: I’m 1/2 way through the training program and my job has relocated me. What are my options?
A: Many of our students are active military, government employees, or work in fields that come with unexpected life changes. Thanks for your service.  Please contact your instructor or Applewoods’ training coordinator to discuss an  appropriate arrangement that is fair for both parties.

Q: I was unable to attend the classes and was issued a credit for a later date? I’ve since moved, but I have a friend that could really use the lessons. Can s/he go in my place?
A: Absolutely! In the case where your friend needs a different class than the one you originally enrolled in, the credit can be applied to the registration fee for any of the sessions we offer.

Q: My dog injured itself and can not complete the semester. What are my options?
A: Please provide a copy of the vet report to your instructor so we may assess what rescheduling options are available.

Q: I failed my class. Can I get a do-over?
A:  Students who fail the class are allowed to repeat the class at half price.

Agreement to Hold Harmless and Assumption of Risk

I waive all legal rights against and release Applewoods Dog Training, L.L.C., its owners, employees and/or agents. (collectively referred to as “ADT” from all liability of any nature for injury or damage which I, members of my family, my dog, or other guests who may attend (collectively referred to as “Attendees”) may suffer, including, but not without limitation, any injury or damage resulting from (1) the actions (including but not limited to acts of negligence) of ADT or another person or dog attending any obedience class, a training seminar, a “social hour,” private dog park play, or a private session (collectively referred to as “Classes”) on the ADT training grounds, the area surrounding the training grounds, or on my own property and (2) any advice or instruction given by ADT to me or any Attendees. I waive my legal rights and release ADT after ADT has informed me that attendance at the Classes may pose risks to myself and other Attendees because some of the dogs to which I/we may be exposed may be difficult for any handler to control and may be the cause of injury (i.e. dog bite) to any of the Attendees. This is true even when the dogs are handled with the greatest amount of care. I fully understand that regardless of the training received by any dog, a dog always possess the propensity to bite. I waive my legal rights and release ADT voluntarily and without relying on representations made to me by ADT. I acknowledge that ADT has made no representations, guarantees, or implied or express promises as to the outcomes of the participation of me or any of the Attendees in the Classes. I acknowledge that ADT offers instruction in the area of dog training and is not a place of recreation. In consideration of and to induce ADT to accept me and my dog into the Classes, I agree to indemnify and hold ADT harmless from any and all claims, including claims by any Attendee that is the result of any action by any dog, including my own. I acknowledge that ADT does not refund fees for classes or private lessons, allow for make-up classes or changing courses.